A Caring Home, Incorporated is a Joint Commission accredited five bed residential facility located in Charlotte, North Carolina.  A Caring Home Inc. serves residents through interactions with trained and committed staff, including both individual and group psychotherapy sessions with licensed therapists and a childhood psychiatrist.

Our program is structured to help each resident reach their maximum physical, social, emotional and intellectual potential. The ultimate goal for residents is to have them acquire those skills that will enable them to function as independently as possible and allow them to live in the least restrictive environment appropriate to their needs.

Because we believe in social development and peer interaction various outings and activities will be arranged according to the residents’ needs and capabilities.


We believe in:

• The inherent worth of all people

• Promoting independence for residents

• Residents living and working in their respective communities

• Continuous quality improvement for A Caring Home, Inc. programs

• Freedom from discrimination for the residents we serve

At A Caring Home Inc., we value each part of the home to ensure our residents success.

  The foundation is laid to support the structure

o OUR FOUNDATION is Our Founder

  The walls provide support, structure and guidance

o OUR WALLS are Our Staff

  The windows reflect both from the outside in and from the inside out

o OUR WINDOWS are Our Residents

  The roof protects the dwelling from outside forces.

o OUR ROOF is Our Board of Directors


If you find yourself in need of services, please call A Caring Home


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